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XR Monitoring

iSober70 Pro Evidential Bluetooth Breathalyzer

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This premium breathalyzer is equipped with the highest level of professional capabilities, testing at the highest industry standard with built-in memory and next generation self-diagnostic system. Measure your BAC whenever and wherever in seconds without pairing to the App.

  • FDA approved
  • NHTSA and DOT approved
  • Suracell FuelCell Sensor Technology
  • Calibration once every 5000 tests or 1 year
  • Hand Held Evidential Breath Tester Approved by NHTSA (the highest form of accuracy)



Compliance: NHTSA Approved for Evidence Sensor Type: Advanced FuelCell Sensor
Weight: 2.92 oz (with batteries) Temperature Range: Storage: 32° to 122°F
Operating: 41° to 104°F
Analysis Time: 10 Seconds or less up to 0.100% BAC Recovery Time: As Low As 3 seconds Between Consecutive Tests
Size: 4.1(H) X 1.9(W) X 0.7(T) Power & Battery life: 2 AAA alkaline batteries (included)
Display: %BAC in 0.001 increments ranging from 0.000 to 0.400