DUI & Non-DUI Courts

CheckBAC combines industry-accurate Bluetooth® technology, a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app and an easy-to-use management platform. CheckBAC™ is a Bluetooth® enabled, fuel-cell breathalyzer that works in conjunction with an app preloaded on to the AIR Mobile Smartphone.

Now courts have a more effective way to monitor and improve behavior.

DUI courts have emerged across the country as a means to more effectively direct resources and technology to reduce the high recidivism rate among DUI offenders. While this approach is having some success, many of the most common technology solutions are proving to be expensive and difficult to administer. And some are clearly ineffective: for instance, ignition interlock devices, in addition to being costly, can be defeated when an offender simply uses an unauthorized vehicle.

The CheckBAC DUI Monitoring System is a game-changer!

The CheckBAC system elevates the standards of both results and cost-effectiveness. It vastly improves the remote management of probation compliance by integrating three vital components:

  • A powerful but easy-to-use platform for monitoring and managing hundreds–or even thousands–of offenders.
  • A patented mobile application that downloads onto the offender’s own (or issued) smartphone.
  • One of several leading personal breathalyzers – any of which is accurate and affordable for users.

Delivering an array of advantages:

  • The CheckBAC system provides certainty of compliance with patented technology that captures:
    • Accurate, real-time results of an offender’s BAC test
    • Real-time video and audio of the offender taking the BAC test
    • Real-time GPS location
  • It empowers officers to remotely command BAC tests to both individuals and groups.
  • Officers can common tests on-demand, on a random basis, or on a fixed schedule.
  • Designated officers are automatically alerted to out-of-compliance results – via the management platform, SMS, and email.
  • The system is affordable for the vast majority of offenders, costing up to 80% less than other commonly used technologies.
  • Ideal for DUI probation, as well as for child custody, domestic violence, or other cases where a court deems the monitoring of alcohol use appropriate.
  • Easy to deploy and use, it can be up and operating in a single day.