CheckBAC combines industry-accurate Bluetooth® technology, a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app and an easy-to-use management platform. CheckBAC™ is a Bluetooth® enabled, fuel-cell breathalyzer that works in conjunction with an app preloaded on to the AIR Mobile Smartphone.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each user (employee, patient, or offender) that you wish to monitor must have an iPhone or Android phone. This may be a personal or company-issued device.
  • The user is given access to the iTunes or Android App Store for business accounts, with a link to download a free version of the CheckBAC mobile application.
  • The user is provided an approved Bluetooth breathalyzer, compatible with the CheckBAC solution. The device may be purchased by the individual or provided by your business or organization. Pricing and device details are provided by CheckBAC.
  • Enter each user’s personal data – along with their corresponding mobile phone number and Bluetooth device registration – into the CheckBAC Management Portal. You can easily update, add or remove user data at any time.
  • Create specific BAC tolerances for your business, organization, or judicial system within the CheckBAC Management Portal. For some companies, a test below the legal limit may be permissible; for court-mandated probation, a zero-tolerance policy may be the requirement. Regardless, you now have control over your organization’s specific policy – and can change the threshold at any time.
  • Using the Management Portal (from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device), schedule automated testing intervals based on week, day, and time. You can also initiate random, on-demand tests at your discretion – so users aren’t always anticipating a scheduled test. Prompts can be sent to thousands of users at one time or to a single user within your user database.
  • Once prompted for a test via an SMS message, users open the CheckBAC mobile application on their phone and log in.
  • The user then follows a set of simple instructions. Holding their mobile phone with the screen facing towards their face, they are prompted to blow into their breathalyzer. Simultaneously, a video window records their activity and validates their identity. The process takes only a few seconds and is complete when the status bar is filled.
  • The test results are instantly streamed to the CheckBAC Management Portal, along with audio and GPS data for the location. Test failures are immediately flagged and can be pushed as SMS text messages to your mobile device – allowing you to quickly take action to ground aircrew, pull drivers, or alert probation officers.
  • Using the CheckBAC Management Portal, generate comprehensive reports of user activity for risk assessment, insurance planning, and more.

The CheckBAC Alcohol Monitoring Ecosystem

Unlike expensive vehicle-based Interlock systems, CheckBAC is the first solution that truly assigns responsibility to the individual through a unique mobile platform. Using our patented, phone-based application (designed for both Apple iOS and Android platforms), CheckBAC connects to industry-leading Bluetooth breathalyzers – allowing you to schedule or randomly test any of your users anytime, and almost anywhere.

Create a standard schedule for pilots before they fly, or send a random test to DUI offenders on probation. With CheckBAC, you finally have control over the process – and your users have more accountability for their personal behavior and choices than ever before.