Air Crew Safety Compliance

CheckBAC combines industry-accurate Bluetooth® technology, a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app and an easy-to-use management platform. CheckBAC™ is a Bluetooth® enabled, fuel-cell breathalyzer that works in conjunction with an app preloaded on to the AIR Mobile Smartphone.

Now airlines have a more effective method of safety compliance

Passenger and freight airlines have substantial safety compliance responsibilities. Alcohol use among aircrews, mechanics, and other safety-sensitive personnel put organizations at risk in multiple ways—from criminal and regulatory penalties to lost productivity and revenues, to brand damage, to crippling lawsuits. And while current breathalyzer-based systems offer some monitoring capabilities, they are limited in their effectiveness. There has simply never been a system that can monitor individuals in a real-time, nearly fool-proof manner… until now.

CheckBAC is a patented solution that finally bridges the gap between testing and accountability – so you can effectively monitor and manage the sobriety of each employee. Combining industry-accurate Bluetooth® technology with a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app, CheckBAC gives you the power to test your pilots, flight attendants, and other personnel – anywhere, anytime – and instantly see their results

CheckBAC is a game-changer

The CheckBAC system elevates the standards of both results and cost-effectiveness. It vastly improves the remote management of probation compliance by integrating three vital components:
A powerful but easy-to-use platform for monitoring and managing hundreds–or even thousands–of employees.
A patented mobile application that downloads onto the employee’s own (or issued) smartphone.
One of several leading personal breathalyzers – any of which is accurate and affordable.

Delivering an array of advantages:

  • The CheckBAC system provides certainty of compliance with patented technology that captures:
    • Accurate, real-time results of an employee’s BAC test
    • Real-time video and audio of the employee taking the BAC test
    • Real-time GPS location
  • It empowers compliance officers to remotely command BAC tests to both individuals and groups.
  • Compliance officers can command tests on-demand, on a random basis, or on a fixed schedule.
  • Officers are automatically alerted to out-of-compliance results – via the management platform, SMS, and email.
  • The system is affordable for any organization, costing up to 80% less than other commonly used technologies.
  • The CheckBAC system can help alleviate rising liability insurance costs.
  • It offers proof an organization’s commitment to public safety – can be promoted as such.
  • Easy to deploy and use, it can be up and operating in a single day.