CheckBAC Vehicle Alcohol Detection

CheckBAC combines industry-accurate Bluetooth® technology, a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app and an easy-to-use management platform.CheckBAC™ is a Bluetooth® enabled, fuel-cell breathalyzer that works in conjunction with an app preloaded on to the AIR Mobile Smartphone.

CheckBAC Ignition Interlock

The CheckBAC Ignition Interlock is a state-of-the art device that provides accurate results, simple experience for drivers, and is the most affordable on the market

  • Able to be turned off and on remotely from the CheckBAC portal
  • Small, easily installed device with a nationwide network of installers
  • Ease of use results in fewer unsuccessful tests and fewer driving disruptions
  • Bluetooth® enabled handset provides a less cumbersome and more discreet experience
  • Equipped with a professional grade fuel-cell trusted by law enforcement, hospitals, and treatment centers and provides a consistent, reliable level of accuracy
  • Built in anti-circumvention technology