When Will I Get My Order -

Estimated processing time: 24 -48 hours after purchase of device


How Long Will It Take-

Shipping times vary from the location you are based and the delivery option you choose at time of checkout.

We deal with partners located all across the world, which allows us to ship internationally.


Why Hasn't My Order Come Yet-

While some orders can arrive earlier than expected, others may be longer due to customs and other logistical issues. If your order hasn't arrived in 2 weeks look for our 'Contact Us' tab at the bottom of your screen and our personal customer support representatives will be able to assist.


Does My State Approve Of The Unit-

We are available in all 50 states. You will have to take the information to your monitor and they can get us approved outside of the DMV. Our Ignition Interlock and Bluetooth Breathalyzers are NHTSA & DOT approved. We recommend speaking with your probation officer or court coordinator and insure this is something they would allow in your court. If they have questions, they may also contact a representative for more information.


Does the system include vehicle hardware and the handheld device-

The CheckBAC platform includes the CheckBAC Drive module and the breathalyzer (Both are charged separately). You have the option to purchase the bundle options which include both the drive module and the breathalyzer.


Is this the same as the traditional Ignition Interlocks that are available-

The CheckBAC Drive system is not an ignition interlock, it has an option that can prohibit vehicle operation if alcohol is detected. It is a more discrete and works with your mobile device and a mobile breathalyzer. We have our equipment in states in leu of court ordered traditional ignition interlock devices.


I am looking for a voluntary ignition interlock device for my child and I would like to have control of the portal-

With CheckBAC Drive you would have access to the admin portal as a monitor. This gives you the ability to set schedules or send random BAC tests. And while there are instructions included in the kit, we highly recommend you find an installer who specializes in ignition interlocks. We have a list of installers that is available upon request.


How often do I need to calibrate the breathalyzer device-

Since we use a variety of Bluetooth breathalyzers, the calibration times will be different for each. Your instructions will be device specific and included in the packaging. In the event the device is not cleaned, additional charges will be  applied.