SOBRDRIVE Vehicle Alcohol Detection

SOBRDRIVE is the first mobile application, helping to enhance personal responsibility and decrease drunk driving. SOBRDRIVE, an innovative new personal BAC monitoring system. Best Sellers in Personal Breathalyzers. A portable breathalyzer offers a convenient and affordable way to self-test your BAC...Best breathalyzer, breathalyzer test, personal breathalyzer, smartphone breathalyzers, Bluetooth-Enabled Breathalyzers, Apple iOS or Android Smartphones, NFT, Blockchain, bitcoin, meta, metaverse, Safety, Prevention, Alcohol Accountability


The World's first vehicle alcohol detection device that allows you to preset a BAC limit up to 0.05 which is below the legal limit in some states. If you test above that BAC limit, your vehicle will not start, and the SOBRDRIVE app will give you alternatives to driving impaired. If you purchase an annual subscription, you can save $60.00 off your purchase.